Food and shelter for Myanmar refugees: order from Government of Manipur

Food and shelter for Myanmar refugees: order from Government of Manipur

The Government of Manipur has issued an order banning local authorities and civil society from providing food and shelter to Myanmar refugees. By law, medical treatment can only be provided in the “human spirit” in the event of a “serious injury”. Orders were issued to the Deputy Commissioners of Chandel, Tengopal, Kamajong, Ukrul and Surachandpur districts to take appropriate action in relation to “illegal entry of citizens of Myanmar”.

Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations in Myanmar has appealed to the Indian government and various state governments to shelter Myanmar refugees due to the humanitarian crisis in their country, saying the two countries have a “long history and don’t forget it”.

India hopes that refugees from neighboring countries are apprehensive after military leaders opened fire on civilian protesters in nine areas of the country on Friday – including the city of Yangon. At least 90 people died, including many children.

According to an order issued on the same day, the Manipur government said that neither the district administration nor the community should open camps to provide food and shelter to the Myanmar refugees.

The order reads, “People seeking / seeking asylum should politely leave.”

The order stated that “Aadhaar registration should be stopped immediately and the Aadhaar registration device should be kept in safe custody” in view of the several decades of controversy over illegal immigration from Bangladesh.

The Byron Singh Government of Manipur order has drawn many criticisms on social media, with many stating that the law is inhumane and against the country’s long-standing hospitality tradition.

Myanmar has been in turmoil ever since the generals were ousted and the civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi was jailed, which sparked massive protests demanding a return to democracy.

The news agency quoted a local watchman as saying that since February 1, more than 420 people have died in the country, who are fighting for military control.

Violence erupted across the country on Friday and the military used direct rotation in more than 40 cities in nine areas, including the city of Yangon, citing local monitoring group Political Prisoner Assistance Association (AAPP).