Epos Adapt 560 Review: The Best Choice For Working From Home

Epos Adapt 560 Review: The Best Choice For Working From Home

Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones – New in Indian Market Epos is a Danish company and the company launched its products in India a few months back.

If you haven’t heard the name Epos, this is not a bar. Sennheiser’s name was asked. Sennheiser products are popular in the audio segment, and the company also produces professional earrings.

Epos is a Danish company and the parent company is named Diamond, a popular audio company. There was a joint venture between Diamond and Senhizer, under which a business and gaming solution was launched.

The Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones was launched under this joint venture. For this reason, you will receive the Sennheiser brand in headphones for over a year. The Epos Adapt 560 is specially designed for those who work from home.

Design and configuration of Epos Adapt 560

Talking about the design and upgrade the quality of the Epos Adapt 560, it is decent. The design has no floor space and the design is similar to normal with ear headphones. It looks premium and dense.

The construction quality is good and the filling quality is good. It is comfortable to wear and its pillow is very comfortable. You have no problem with having long ears.

The size is adjustable and you can adjust it easily by making it smaller or larger. It is accompanied by a dedicated mic, which can be flexed and advanced and if necessary, it can slide inwards. The mic is not very large, so it is good to see it.

Epos 560 control buttons are provided with control buttons on the right earlobe of these headphones. A purple button dedicated to Microsoft groups appears. If you use Microsoft teams for this meeting, it will be very easy and useful for you.

With Microsoft teams, it would be nice if this button could also be used for Zoom, Skype, and Google Recovery. This is because people in India reduce the use of Microsoft teams for encounters. Now, most people use zoom.

There is also a button for volume adjustment, which can increase or decrease the volume. There is a button in the middle of the phone that you can use to answer or turn music on or off.

Generally, you get control by pressing headphones at this price, but here are the body buttons. This is debatable because some people like it. Many people think that buttons are better than touch controls because it provides precise control.

The good thing is, this way you can get the Bluetooth dongle out of the box so that you can also connect it to the desktop. The second feature is that these headphones can be connected to different devices simultaneously.

Audio performance of Epos Adapt 560

As the price of the Epos Adapt 560 arrives, I expect better quality than this. Eliminating active noise also does not work as accurately as it should. This does not mean that it is bad in terms of audio performance. Hope we talk here.

If you are not an audiophile, you can see what its drawbacks are. But this is not for you if you want additional sites. Our experience of listening to the songs was great, but above all, it was huge in terms of calls.

Video calls or normal calls in this area only headphones work properly. Voice clarity is also good, on the other hand, if the caller has recorded your voice for radio or podcast, that is also fine.

If you are playing then it is also good in this case. Because communication plays an important role in multiplayer gaming. At the same time, we get good voice clarity and noise cancellation works well here.

If we talk about battery life, then it is also good in this area. It takes 4 hours to fully charge. But backup will be available in about 4 to 5 days. Now it depends on how much time you use throughout the day and how much active cancellation noise is used. Generally, if you use it for 5-6 hours throughout the day, it will provide you with a backup for at least two days.

Overall the Epos is the best performance of the Adapt 560. But it can be done better. For such headphones in the Indian market, its price is not low and if the company brings new headphones in this segment then it will need improvement.

Bottom Line

If you buy it for an online appointment or gaming then it will be good for you. If you prefer basic and audiophiles, there are better options at this price.

Bose and Sony are an example. You will not get this level of mic support with other headphones in this category. We found that its battery backup is also useful, so it is also good in terms of backup. It is compact, lightweight, has good control, and looks premium.

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