9 WordPress plugins to improve user experience

9 WordPress plugins to improve user experience

If you have a WordPress blog or website, you should always look for ways to create a better user experience for your audience. Whatever your site is about, you want your visitors to have a better experience so they can come back (and share your site with others).

One of the most important ways is to create high-quality content. If you provide the audience with the content they like, you have already laid the foundation for a better user experience.

However, some other techniques are using which you can create a very easy to use the site. In this post, I will share nine WordPress plugins to enhance the user experience in various ways.

Below, I’ll break the plug-ins into the features they add. In some situations, I will refer to a lot of plug-ins as some plug-ins are paid for, but I want to offer you a free option if possible. So technically there are more than nine plug-ins – nine different types of plug-ins

9 Best WordPress Plugins to Improve User Experience

1. Add the reading progress bar to WP Reading Progress

We use the free progress reading plugin in WP to create our progress bar. Very easy to use and you can customize your bar:

  • Choose a different color
  • Going to the bottom of the screen instead
  • All you have to do is add your progress bar to some type of content
  • Use your progress bar only for the entire page or for content in WordPress Editor

2. Add time to read estimated time read WP

The free WP read time plugin is an easy way to add estimated read time. This will automatically add the estimated reading time at the top of your post. If you want additional control, you can manually enter the reading time using a shortcut.

You can use the Free Read Meter plugin, which combines both the estimated time and read progress menu.

3. Improve WordPress performance with WP Rocket (or other performance plugins)

To speed up your site, you can use the WordPress caching / display plugin. At the very least, you should have a side caching, but ideally, you should use a plugin that will also enable other performance best practices.

A great premium option here is the WP Rocket – it starts at $ 49, but is very easy to implement with all the necessary speed capabilities. You can find more information in my review of WP Rocket.

Or, you can find the standard free plug-in. best choice:

  • WP Fast Cash
  • Fast display light

4. Add Dark Mode option to Dark Mode

If you have a bright website, it can be difficult to see visitors, especially if they are browsing at night. Seeing too much blue light later can make it harder for people to sleep and force their eyes, which is why many devices are built-in dark mode. For example, with iOS13, all iPhone users have the option to use dark mode.

With a plugin, you can bring the same option to your WordPress site. There are a few options here, but I like the free blackout plugin because it adds a widget that allows visitors to choose the mode they want.

5. Add the top button again using the WPFront scroll tap

If you post long-format content, it can be annoying to visitors that if they want to use their main navigation after the completion of a post, they can manually scroll to the top of your site Huh. A “click-first” button allows you to navigate to the top of the page easily with one click.

6. Add image / lightbox preview

If you post a lot of interesting photos, your visitors can choose to zoom in to see more detail. With the Lightbox plugin, you can allow viewers to see the full resolution image when they click on it. This does not remove them from the page, however – it only loads the full resolution image in a popup.

Most WordPress gallery plugins have a lightbox feature, but you can add it to your non-gallery images using the free Simple Lightbox plugin.

7. Create a Sticky Title

Many topics include the option of using a sticky header (including the Astra theme), so it is important to first test if your subject exists. If this is not your theme, you can continue to use a plugin to help you.

As a simple way to paste the title of any topic, you can creatively use the Sticky menu (or Sticky header) by the scroll plugin. The plugin is easy to use – just a small part of the setup process required to find the CSS selector for your theme’s navigation menu.

8. Detect Broken Connection with Check for Broken Connection

You can use the free Broken Connection Validation plugin to find and repair broken links in WordPress. It will automatically detect all broken links on your site and allow you to repair them with a convenient interface.

Note – While this plugin is very useful, I do not recommend activating it on your site as it can use a lot of server resources. Instead, I recommend you:

  • Set it up
  • Find the broken link
  • Disable it
  • If you want to review a broken connection, just run it

9. Improve WordPress Search with SearchWP

If your visitors trust your site search, they may be disappointed because the WordPress default search system is not very strong.

To fix this, you can use a WordPress search plugin to provide the most accurate, relevant results.

If you are willing to pay, the SearchWP plugin provides several options to improve the search functionality of your site. It can also help you add live search to Ajax, which shows live search suggestions when visitors start typing (as does Google).

If you are on a budget, the free Revelation plugin is a great option, although it does not include the Ajax direct search feature. If you prefer live search, you can use the Ajax Search Lite plugin.

Improve Your WordPress Site User Experience Today

While the plugins above do not make major changes to your WordPress site, they all work together to improve the user experience of your site in small ways.

An important thing to remember should never be to understand how important your page load time is to the user experience. Even if you don’t change anything, speeding up your site will create a better experience for your visitors.

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